Aurora · Colorado Charity
Entity Name Principal Address
East End Arts District Association 1400 Dallas Street, Aurora, CO 80010
The Healing Connection International, Inc 1354 South Coolidge Circle, Aurora, CO 80018
Project Teenscene 2000 15391 E. 1st Ave, Aurora, CO 80011
Cherry Creek School District Parent Teacher Community Council,cimarron 17373 E Lehigh Pl., Aurora, CO 80013
Buffs Touchdown Club of Smoky Hill High School 16100 E Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO 80015
Vassar Elementary Pto 18101 E Vassar Pl, Aurora, CO 80013
Burma Community Rangers Inc 3656 S Halifax Way, Aurora, CO 80013
Iowa Elementary School Ptsa 16701 East Iowa Ave, Aurora, CO 80017
Calebs Heart Ministries 14485 E Evans Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014
Ccsd Independence Elementary Ptco 4700 S. Memphis St., Aurora, CO 80015
Cherry Creek School District Ptcc, Overland High School Ptco 12400 E. Jewell Ave., Aurora, CO 80012
Americans Prepared 1187 Boston Street, Aurora, CO 80010
Asian Pacific Center for Human Development 1537 Alton Street, Aurora, CO 80010
Canine Partners of The Rockies, Inc. 651 Potomac St., Aurora, CO 80011
Battleground Christian Community Outreach Center 2265 Havana St., Aurora, CO 80010
Fairy Godmother Project 13992 E Stanford Circle, Apt 6, Aurora, CO 80015
Pta Colorado Congress D/b/a Aurora Quest K-8 Pta 17315 E. 2nd Ave., Aurora, CO 80011
Canyon Creek Elementary Pto 6070 S. Versailles Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80015
Smith Agency 14364 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
Development of Community Hawzien 17326 E Adriatic Drive, Aurora, CO 80013
Praise & Glory Tabernacle Church 2924 S. Idalia, Aurora, CO 80013
Cops Fighting Cancer 8630 E. Baltic Place, Aurora, CO 80010
Blazers Baseball Dugout Club Association 12400 East Jewell Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012
Firefighters of Aurora Benevolent Fund 15151 E Alameda Drive, Aurora, CO 80012
Elijah's Path To Healing Foundation 5961 S Little River Ct., Aurora, CO 80016
Sawa-someone A World Away 22172 E Dry Creek Pl, Aurora, CO 80016
Hopes Foundation Inc. 50 South Havana St Ste 504a, Aurora, CO 80012
Hispanic Annual Salute 5750 S Danube Cr, Aurora, CO 80015
The Retired Enlisted Association, Inc. 1111 South Abilene Court, Aurora, CO 80012
America On The Move Foundation, Inc. 12348 E. Montview Blvd., Aurora, CO 80045
I9 Sports Association - Chapter 203, Inc 6140 S Gun Club Rd #k6-356, Aurora, CO 80016
S. E. Aurora Club 16732 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, CO 80013
Miracle Party Foundation 22908 E. Bailey Circle, Aurora, CO 80016
Some Things of My Own 4473 S. Bahama Way, Aurora, CO 80015
Vassar Elementary School Pta 18101 East Vassar Place, Aurora, CO 80013
The Westie Rescue Network, Inc. 2240 South Joliet Way, Aurora, CO 80014
Restoration Spring Ministry 15951 East 13th Place, Aurora, CO 80011
Korean Academy of Colorado, Inc. 16401 E Alameda Dr, Aurora, CO 80017
Father Malachy Mcbride Ofm Scholarship Fund 13645 E. Bayaud Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012
Milonee of Colorado 5340 S Sicily Way, Aurora, CO 80015
Spirit of Aurora 15151 East Alameda Parkway, Fifth Floor, Aurora, CO 80012
Feeding Denver's Hungry, Inc. 14096 East 22nd Pl, Aurora, CO 80011
The Salt of The Earth International Counseling Ministry 14211 E. 1st Drive Unit 202, Aurora, CO 80011
Aurora Academy Charter School 10251 E 1st Avenue, Aurora, CO 80010
Cherry Creek School District Ptco Cherokee Trail High School 25901 E. Arapahoe Road, Aurora, CO 80016
Operation Love, Inc. 917 S. Rifle Ct., Aurora, CO 80017
Colorado High School Activities Association 14855 E. Second Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011
Excelsior Youth Centers, Inc. 15001 E. Oxford Ave., Aurora, CO 80014
Ct Dugout Club 25901 E Arapahoe Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80016
Irob Development Association 2543 S Lima Way, Aurora, CO 80014
Lotus School for Excellence Pto 11001 East Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
The Interfaith Center of Light 3124 S. Parker Rd # A-2, Aurora, CO 80014
Asian Pacific Development Center 1537 Alton Street, Aurora, CO 80010
Cherry Creek School District Ptcc-prairie Middle School Ptco 12600 E Jewell Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
Most Precious (that's Who You Are) 17595 E Mansfield Ave 1311l, Aurora, CO 80013
Aurora Community Connection Family Resource Center 9801 E. Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010
The Spoon 1610g South Ivory Circle, Aurora, CO 80017
Big Brain Foundation 13800 E Saratoga Drive, Aurora, CO 80015
Parent Rocker Organization of Aurora 13750 East Rice Place, Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80015
Grand Design, Inc. 17104 E. Amherst Drive, Aurora, CO 80013
Fair Share Job Program 14559 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
Downtown Aurora Visual Arts 1405 Florence Street, Aurora, CO 80010
Urban Nights Denver 12203 East Second Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011
Pm Foundation for Cancer 1095 Florence St., Aurora, CO 80010
Community College of Aurora Foundation 16000 E Centretech Parkway, Aurora, CO 80011
The Kempe Foundation 13123 E 16th Ave, B390, Aurora, CO 80045
Association of Peyronie's Disease Advocates 7344 S Norfolk Street, Aurora, CO 80016
The Aurora Singers 1451 S. Macon Ct, Aurora, CO 80012
Ten Kids Enterprise 15793 E Caspian Cir 203, Aurora, CO 80013
Colorado Nurses Foundation 2851 South Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014
We Protect Innocence, Inc. 26455 E. Walker Dr., Aurora, CO 80016
Cents A Page Inc 22959 E. Smokyhill Rd #m202, Aurora, CO 80015
Paralyzed Veterans of America - Mt. States Chapter 12200 E. Iliff Ave., Bldg. C, Suite 107, Aurora, CO 80014
Victory Bible Church International Colorado 1266 S Abilene St, Aurora, CO 80012
Bairn Foundation 1055 Richfield Street, Aurora, CO 80011
Aurora Symphony Orchestra 1895 S Evanston St, Aurora, CO 80012
The Turek Aubert Memorial Scholarship Fund 3255 S. Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014
Heritage Eagle Bend Angels Inc. 23155 E Heritage Parkway, Aurora, CO 80016
Colorado Puppy Rescue 4553 S. Mobile Way, Aurora, CO 80015
Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation 756 Telluride Street, Aurora, CO 80011
The Elway Foundation 6842 South Netherland Way, Aurora, CO 80016
Abate of Colorado 1701 Chamber Road, Unit K, Aurora, CO 80011
Sound of Trumpet Ministry 13953 E. Arkansas Place, Aurora, CO 80012
The Faith Illumination Project, Inc 10782 E Exposition Ave Ste 348, Aurora, CO 80012
Progressive Volunteers for African Americans 14116 E. Colorado Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
The Colorado School for Family Therapy 12101 E, Second Ave # 101, Aurora, CO 80011
Financial Education and Economic Transformation Center 12474 East Wesley Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014
Southern Ethiopian Community Center In Colorado 2645 S. Danube Way, Aurora, CO 80013
Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado 2851 S Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014
Hearts Across The Miles C/o Mesa Systems 403 S Airport Blvd, Aurora, CO 80017
Cherry Creek School District Parent Teacher Comm Council, Inc. Sunrise 4050 S. Genoa Way, Aurora, CO 80013
New Legacy Charter School 2091 N. Dayton St., Aurora, CO 80010
High Point Academy 6750 N Dunkirk Street, Aurora, CO 80019
Block - Brothers Leading Our Community Kids. 1147 S Ventura Circle Unit B, Aurora, CO 80017
Africa America Higher Education Partnerships, Incorporated (“aahep”) 1411 South Potomac Street, Aurora, CO 80012
Advocates for Children 10855 East Bethany Drive, Suite 200, Aurora, CO 80014
The Retired Enlisted Association National Auxiliary 1111 S. Abilene Court, Aurora, CO 80012
Total Oral Prevention Strategies 11275 E. Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
Through Christ Everythings Possible 14221 E 4th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80211
Extend 3287 S. Andes St., Aurora, CO 80013

City · Colorado Charity
City State Charityes
1. Denver CO 1895 11.77%
2. Colorado Springs CO 917 5.69%
3. Washington DC 694 4.31%
4. Boulder CO 517 3.21%
5. New York NY 477 2.96%
6. Aurora CO 447 2.78%
7. Fort Collins CO 337 2.09%
8. Littleton CO 287 1.78%
9. Lakewood CO 254 1.58%
10. Grand Junction CO 227 1.41%